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Lunes, Nobyembre 01, 2004
From Budjette Tan's blog.

Friday, October 22, 2004
by Budjette Tan

"where's the fun in that?"

From the website of ABONO COMICS

Rules are simple. (1) We'll help you, you'll help us, we'll help others, others will help us in return. And we need a lot of help =) (2) No rivalry between members and other group. Peace tayo, slaman lang '_'V (3) wag career-in ang pag-gawa ng komiks, enjoy lang. [don't make a career in making/creating comic books. Just enjoy it] (4) at tandaan na walang pera sa komiks. [and remember, there is no money to be made in comic books]

I don't really know how to feel about this.

I think it's good to always keep in mind that you should have fun in what you do. Gaiman said as much. But i'd also like to believe that you should have goal in what you do. That we need to have a little optimism that our little comic book scene will eventually boom into a full-blown industry. (I'm beginning to sound like an old man.)

Neil Gaiman talks about doing what's fun:

Whenever I do things because I want to do it and because it seems fun or interesting and so on and so forth, it almost always works. And it almost always winds up more than paying for itself. Whenever I do things for the money, not only does it prove a headache and a pain in the neck and come with all sorts of awful things attached, but I normally don't wind up getting the money, either. So, after a while, you do sort of start to learn [to] just forget about the things where people come to you and dangle huge wads of cash in front of you. Go for the one that seems interesting because, even if it all falls apart, you've got something interesting out of it. Whereas, the other way, you normally wind up getting absolutely nothing out of it.

Sir Budjette Tan,

Not including a phrase about hoping for the salvation of the comic industry doesn't mean that we're not optimistic about it.
It just happens that the group would like to focus more on the 'have fun!' aspect of doing things. And the goal is already there, it comes in package. While 'having fun' we won't have to think or worry about what others would want to read. In writing or drawing how we want, our material will most likely to turn out the way we want it to be(and that's fun). And that is also 'wag career-in' means, to do things you're your way not as others do it, we are not to sell but we are to be heard with our stories.Surely it will be interesting for others to read, react, and criticize or for the readers to be inspired.
I understand your sentiment sir, believe me Abono is partly inspired by Alamat... and if you'll let us, we're also here to keep the dream alive.

Ivan Ilano
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