still brooding  
Sabado, Mayo 22, 2004
sandali lang matutulog lang ako, maya maya ha?
ENTRY: ivan @ 7:36 AM 
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imbulsa, png.,  bayaran mula sa sariling bulsa/ipon.

[ ABONO ] Drones, clones, lovers, fighter, ninjas and robots who  loves comics. We do not dream to one day become big in this industry or community rather,  and are here, mostly for the fun and love of it. 
[ ABONO IS NOT. . . ] When this site was first released some misunderstanding comes into view. Some party thought that we want to put all the "Indie" comics creator into one banner.  We just offer those who still do not have a group, and wants to join one.  So all in all, Abono don't have the ultimate goal of putting all indie creators into one group.